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The four-wheel drive vehicle is parked at the police station in Roma, Australia - AP As fresh details emerged about her alleged tormentor , the 22-year-old woman, originally from Liverpool, was released from hospital, Queensland Police said. She was rescued by police on Sunday after provoking alarm when she stumbled badly bruised, with fractures to her face,into a remote petrol station in the Australian outback and left without paying. After the cashiercontacted police, officers pulled over the vehicle she was driving in the town of Mitchell, around 300 miles from the east coast city of Brisbane.When they searched the car, the officers found her alleged abductor buried under clothes in a rear alcove. The 22-year-old suspect, from the Manunda suburb of Cairns, appeared in court on Monday charged with a string of offences, including four counts of rape, eight counts of assault and four counts of strangulation. Map of British backpackers journey Authorities initially said they believed the offences began at the beginning of January. Police have revised the timeframe of the alleged offences, which they now say tookplace across about four weeks. Police believe the man and the woman met on January 27 near Cairns and that the offences occurred between February 3 and March 5 at various Queensland locations. Asked by The Telegraph, police did not confirm the location of the woman. The woman and her family physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 do not intend to conduct any interviews at this time, police said in the statement. She has been in contact with family back in the UK, who had issued an appeal last month via Facebook to her friends in Australia after she reportedly "fell doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 off the radar". A friend of the backpacker said the alleged kidnapper had become obsessed with the woman and changed his Facebook profile to 'married' shortly after meeting her. He just rocked up, they hooked up and he never left her side, another friend of the backpacker told 7 News . A lot of the areas wouldve been unknown to her and (she) wouldnt have known anyone there so it wouldve been difficult for her to make an escape. Recent backpacker attacks | In Australia and New Zealand Australia has seen a number of attacks against young travellers in recent years.